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Reviews and Testimonials


It's taken me awhile to write this. I scheduled a day to go to Sin City DIY and wrench on my truck. Showed up in the morning and was met by Tyler. Super cool dude and incredibly helpful. Spent most of the day changing out all fluids (front and rear diffs, transfer, transmission, oil & filter and flushing the cooling system), did my rotors and pads, changed the thermostat and drive belt. Did most of it myself and when I had a question, needed an extra pair of hands or just wanted to bs, Tyler was there to help. They had all the tools I needed, disposed of my old fluids, took all my trash. This place is a goldmine. I'm no mechanic and have limited knowledge but, Tyler educated me on things I knew nothing of and gave pointers to make certain tasks easier. Saved me a fortune having someone else do the work and I learned some things. I'll definitely be back to utilize their facility. My truck is running like a champ. Thank you! If you need a place to wrench on your vehicle, want to learn how to do things yourself or don't have the tools, this place is for you. Highly recommend them!


This place is great. Where else can you rent a professional lift with tools included!?

I only needed the lift but I was in and out in about an hour and the owners couldn't have been nicer. They have a great business idea here and know how to treat their customers.

Big 5 stars for their customer service!! I'll definitely be back!


I normally don't write reviews, but for this place I had to!!
I own 2010 Mercedes-Benz E550 that needed front rotors and pads replaced. Mercedes-Benz dealer wants $895 for this job ! I have little bit of mechanical skill and have done few break jobs in the past.
Cost of original parts is $430 which means dealer will charge you $465 for labor.
I heard of Sin City DIY Auto , place where you can use their tools and lift for $30 per hour ...or $45 per hour to have mechanic help......
Went over there, and loved it!!
Jason and his Lady were super nice! Just awesome people!!
Shop was big and clean ... Full of tools that you might need.
I decided to have Jason help and really he did almost everything as I stood around and kind of helped ... :)
It took about 1 hour to finish the job and total cost with can of break cleaner $50.41!!!

Saved over $400 and drove home with big smile on my face !!!
Given a nature of this business, I will not visit often, but will go for all of my auto needs!!

Thank you !


Shout out to Jason and his wife for being patient and helpful! Opened the shop early and stayed open until 3am until I was done! ! Awesome people!

-Hondo Khadi


The staff here are super-friendly and go the extra mile to help out. They didn't talk down to us and took great care of us. We were in and out in about 1.5 hours to swap a fuel filter on a 2002 Jeep Liberty Sport. Will definitely be back to replace the AC clutch assembly on the same vehicle and some brake work on our other car. 5 stars!

-Jeff Wilson


Absolutely awesome place! If you don't have the tools at home, or just need to use a lift, check them out! I was able to go in and work on my suspension for a little.

Awesome crew there, full of knowledge! They have all the tools you need and if you need help, they are there to offer a hand.

Thank you guys for having a place for the gearhead to be able to work on their vehicles!

-Ryan Jones


Great people and great area to work on your ride. Jason and his crew made me feel like extended family and helped out as well. Definitely going back and highly recommended.

-Pete Fitterling